About Linvox Corporation

Who we are

Since 1988, we’ve been helping businesses create, innovate, and excel within their industries by manufacturing topquality power cords and providing extensive value added services . Formerly known as Tumbler Corporation, the transition into Linvox Corporation represents a new chapter in our company’s history as a power cord supplier and electronics manufacturer . As organizations strive to innovate in a world that’s “always on” and constantly connected, they need a reliable partner that can design, manufacture, and deliver worldclass energy solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision has always centered on the vital bridge between power and business, and we strive to make that bridge safe, secure, and ecofriendly. Our highquality power cords and electronics products, all manufactured to the strictest environmental and safety standards, provide a seamless link between you and the energy that will fuel your next idea.

Our Mission

There are two small secrets to our 30+ year success story: our products and our people. We source topquality materials and employ highskilled engineers to create durable, longlasting components that will allow you to drive your business forward and continue innovating. We strive to streamline your experience, from the initial design of your custom build all the way to product fulfillment and delivery.

Our Value

Energy is the driving force behind progression, and we think that it should be readily available to all who are ready to utilize it. At Linvox Corporation, we value helping you connect to your power grid easily, safely, and responsibly.
We believe in creating lifelong clients, not just onetime customers, so we aim to deliver complete satisfaction at every level of engagement. Because we always design, build, and manufacture to client specifications, we encourage you to consider us an inhouse team rather than a remote contract partner.

Our Goal

We want to be the leading power cord supplier for the OEM market; a onestop resource for top quality, cost effective energy solutions and value added services . Because we work according to our vision, mission statement, and values, we think that we’re on track to achieve this goal.

Company History

Linvox Corporation

Tumbler Corporation is founded in Silicon Valley. Born from a partnership with one of Asia’s leading power cord manufacturers, the company begins producing high quality custom power cords for a variety of global industries. Tumbler Corporation quickly becomes the leading choice of OEM design engineers and other businesses requiring mission critical cord sets.

Linvox Corporation

To align itself with the growing market for sustainable, ecofriendly energy solutions, Tumbler Corporation becomes Linvox Corporation. Linvox Corporation expands its product portfolio to include energy saving ventilation and cooling systems, power supplies and a variety of other products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Linvox Corporation

In the year 2000, Tumbler Corporation embarked on an expansion program which allowed a 40% growth in manufacturing capacity. The benefits of this expansion were huge, and they included the introduction of patented products and an expansion of extranet services for improved logistics and distribution.

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